Hey Mom! Taking Care Of Yourself Is How You Take Care Of Your Family

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If you are a woman who has not gone to the salon for ages to have her hair or nails done, salute!

If you are a mother who has dark circles or bags under her eyes, salute!

If you have not seen your friends have a good laugh for quite a while, salute!

If you cannot recall the last time you bought something for yourself such as new undergarments, salute!


If you are one of these women who are extraordinary and dignified at being a mom, pat yourself on the back for your job well done. However, did you know that all of the things mentioned above are sure ways to destroy your overall health?


You and many others may think that being a mother is being selfless. However, being a mother is being able to ascertain what is best for her family, and that is to take care of yourself first. It is the only way to maintain a healthy home and to make sure it will stay that way for a long time.

“Mothers don’t have to be perfect. She, too, was once a child with her own vicissitudes of life. And, like you, she also has her needs and cares as an adult. Yet, she performs a multitude of tasks in ensuring her child’s needs are met that is a greater challenge and more important than any other undertaking.”Libby Simon, MSW.

Hey Mom! Here Are the Reasons Why You Should Love Yourself First:

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  1. It promotes mental, emotional, and physical health. You will feel good and fulfilled when you take care of your family without having to feel extremely exasperated all the time.


  1. It regains self-esteem and self-respect. It makes you happy to see your children grow up healthy and responsible, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of losing yourself.

“Research shows that negative thinking is the linchpin responsible for setting off low self-esteem,” Deborah Serani PsyD said.

  1. It emphasizes self-worth. You should know your worth which is everything. Remember how the kids need their mother and that they need to see that you are happy as well.


  1. It reenergizes. Taking care of yourself is another way to regain strength. By pampering yourself, you will feel that you could take in all the challenges of motherhood anytime.


  1. It encourages positivity. Your worst enemy is self-pity. There are many instances where this could happen, but when you have enough self-love, you will ignore the things that sometimes make you feel bad.


Hey Mom! Here are some simple steps to establish self-love:

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  1. Get enough rest and sleep. It is vital that you get to rest after a long day’s mental, emotional, and physical battles of motherhood.


  1. Eat healthy food. Your body should get enough nutrients to prevent diseases.


  1. Have enough exercise. Keeping the body in shape is vital in keeping the mind in shape.


  1. Go out with friends regularly. A good conversation and a good laugh help in promoting positivity.


  1. Buy something for yourself. Whether its clothes, shoes, bags or makeup, as long as you find a little pleasure in it is a simple way to love yourself.

“Have a positive mantra and cut yourself some slack. Mine is “I am doing the best that I can, and that is all I can do.”Joyce Marter, LCPC.

Loving yourself is never selfish. It is yet another essential way to express love for your family. You can take care of them more and longer if you are healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. Most mothers would only pray for three things: good health, happiness, and longevity for the whole family. These things will undoubtedly happen when you realize that the only way to love your family is to love yourself first. You can also seek professional guidance to help you understand better the concept of loving oneself and its importance to our relationship with the people around us.


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