Advantages And Disadvantages Of Long Distance Relationships

They say, “Love conquers all,” but does it? How does love work with time apart from each other? Would long-distance relationships last longer than when you are physically together? How do couples make it work when they could not see or touch each other?

“A long-distance relationship or LDR is typically an intimate relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by a considerable distance. No one is geographically undesirable anymore but many are geographically challenged with the goal of maintaining love at a distance.”Suzanne Phillips, Psy.D., ABPP.


Nowadays, couples find convenience in our modern technology when connecting with their partner. Back then, a long-distance relationship is unlikely to work because the only way to communicate with your partner is through telegrams or mails. There was not an advanced technology that we are experiencing now. People would not bet on that kind of love.


What does it matter if a couple is together or not? What are the advantages and disadvantages of long-distance relationships?


Advantages Of Long Distance Relationships:

“The couples that make it, whether they live together or apart, are those that understand that this is a natural part of a long-term commitment. Working through difficult times usually strengthens and betters the relationship.”Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.


  • A long-distance relationship makes a couple grow individually. They can spend more time alone figuring out their personal goals. They can achieve their success without having to consult or depend too much on the other person.


  • A long-distance relationship makes a couple miss each other more. If we spend too much time with someone like for those who have been married for years, they tend to lose the excitement of seeing each other. They tend to take each other for granted while for long-distance relationships, every moment that they get to spend together physically is a blessing.


  • A long-distance relationship makes a person independent. When we are with our partner, we tend to ask their opinion about every decision, even the littlest ones, even the color of the shoes we want to get. Sometimes, we decide on things based on what our partner likes and not on what we want because we want to please them. When this happens, we lose our identity.


Disadvantages Of Long Distance Relationships:


  • A long-distance relationship makes a couple have the opportunity to mingle with other people. They have the chance to meet new romantic prospects who probably have the same interests as them because they are in the same place, maybe for work, school, or their residence.


  • A long-distance relationship is lonely. It requires a lot of strength and positivity because it can be lonesome most of the time. While many device applications will allow couples to communicate with each other such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Viber, nothing could make it possible for them to hold each other’s hands or hug each night.


  • A long-distance relationship may cause couples to grow apart as they may mature individually and find their own path to success in life. They may get unfamiliar with each other making them lose affection. It is hard to love someone we do not know. Love grows as we get familiar with someone, and it dies as soon as they become a stranger.

“There’s not much you can do about the fact that you can’t hold the person in your arms whenever you like. This is probably the most frustrating thing of all. To counter this, try this method…The Solution: Exchange gifts that remind you of each other. Send them via regular snail mail and hold on to these valuables.” – Lorri Abela, Dating Expert and Soulmate Searching Coach.

It will all come down to how much a couple wants their relationship to work. They are the only ones who can tell whether or not it is worth the sacrifice, and it is up to them whether it is okay for them not to hold each other’s hand and only settle in each other’s hearts.


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