I Have Everything, But I Have Nothing – A Wife’s Recount On How She Lost Her Husband To A Younger Woman

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My husband left me for a younger woman. Does it hurt? I will just mimic a laugh. The pain is numbing – if that feeling is even possible. For real, I can’t feel anything except that I am spinning and like losing control of my life. I often wonder where I went wrong. And I blame myself for that, at first. He left me and is making a family with her, a woman whom he met at a gambling place, who also happens to be 20 years fresher than me.

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Protected: Learn How To Save The Marriage From The 2016 Phoenix Couples Therapy Workshops

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You’re Getting Divorced: Does Your Child Need Therapy?


Divorce may be a difficult time not just for parents but to your child, as well. While divorce is unique to every family, its effects on children have a common issue with added concerns. Your child may not show a hard time coping with stress from divorce, but it doesn’t mean that he or she won’t need therapy.

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How To Encourage Your Husband To Attend Couples Therapy

Manly men tend to follow specific rules in life that may or may not make sense to others. For instance, even though they are in pain after surgery, they insist on driving home on their own. If the plumbing is faulty or a lighting fixture needs repair, they get their tools to fix either without a professional’s help. Any problem that affects the household members should be resolved by them as well. Otherwise, these men may not feel like they are doing an excellent job in the family department.

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The real issue with guys who live with this kind of mindset is that they hardly see the essence of attending couples therapy. Some assume that the treatment is only for weak or mentally unstable people. Others believe that there’s just nothing wrong about them; that’s why it’s a waste of money to enroll to one.

In case that smells like applesauce to you, and your husband is no different from the type of men mentioned above, then here’s how you can encourage him to go to therapy for couples with you.

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  1. Lay Out The Facts

Individuals tend to be oblivious of hard truths, primarily when you never speak openly about it. A quick fix to that is to have a sit-down meeting with your spouse to discuss everything that seems problematic in your relationship. Then, you can tell how much you want to resolve this stuff so that you’ll be able to live together in peace.

  1. Express The Benefits Of Marriage Counseling

The objection of some guys to couples therapy sometimes come from their lack of knowledge on the advantages it will bring to your marriage. Due to that, you may conduct a little research on the benefits of this form of counseling before asking your better half to attend one. That won’t be a difficult task since there are a few web pages dedicated to this topic.

  1. Stress That You Won’t Go There To Blame Each Other

Another secret fear of men who refuse to receive counseling is that you will merely start blaming one another there. “If that’s all we’re going to do, we can do that here and now without paying anyone,” a husband might say. Your goal at this point, therefore, is to help your significant other to realize that that’s not the reason why you wish to attend therapy. It’s mostly because you want a lasting relationship with him, and that may not happen if you got issues you don’t discuss on your own.

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  1. Talk About The Counselor You Found

In case your spouse’s complaint is that he does not know the therapist, that is your cue to speak of the accolades of the mental health professional you found. Mention the good things you heard about this counselor from your friends or relatives. Emphasize the affordability of his or her services, especially if your husband is budget-conscious. The more he can envision what kind of therapist you chose, the easier it may be to encourage him to go to couples therapy.

Be sure to try these tips if you believe that your relationship with your better half can improve through intervention.

Good luck!

Ways To Pull Your Partner Up From Crippling Anxiety

Because your partner deserves all the love, understanding, and support, you can give. As this , https://internalmedsh.com/ concurs.


Under no circumstance is severe anxiety a positive thing. The constant panic attacks and moments living in perpetual fear are debilitating. Not only is the person affected but the effects extend to the members of the family, friends, and significant others.

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Are Your Partner’s Mood Swings Caused By Mental Illness?

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According to magnetism, opposite poles repel. On the other hand, an old proverb says that birds of the same feather flock together. Both may be true in their respective fields or whatever you want to refer them to, but I don’t think either will fit in when you’re talking about relationships.

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Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Partner with Depression

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Depression is a serious and difficult issue. Individuals suffering from it can try to explain how it’s like, but it doesn’t fully capture the experience. It’s hard to entirely have a grasp of how it feels like unless you go through it yourself.

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Mental Illness Ruining Relationships – Chatbots To The Rescue


Chatbots are robots powered by artificial intelligence whom we sometimes talk with when we call a number for customer assistance.  They’ve been used by some businesses for their customer service to answer queries from clients, record complaints, and take note of some requests.   The healthcare industry is now starting to use chatbots to assist doctors and access records of patients.   Some psychotherapists manage their patients utilizing chatbots, especially for talk therapy.

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Being Married To A Bipolar And Keeping It Together


Maintaining a happy married life between two people requires hard work.  This is always part of a counseling discussion of  www.healingtransitionscounseling.com . There is no assurance that marriage will last.  What more being married to someone with bipolar disorder?   It is like being married to a person with many faces.  Now, he’s fine, the next he’s sad then he’s hype.


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The mood is unpredictable, so is the status of marriage.  There will even be times when the thought of divorce will pop up in your mind.

It’s Not Easy, and I Want to Give Up

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to give up on the marriage.  The following can be the reasons for disagreement and problems in the household.

  1. Refusal of your partner to undergo treatment. Treatment helps in controlling moods, but refusal to treatment will result in worsening depression, sleep problems, and irritability.
  2. Abuse can happen anytime in any form. Blaming is most common.  Verbal abuse is often overlooked, and when disagreement gets out of control, he tends to be physical.
  3. He’s not accomplishing anything. He’s eager to start and then will suddenly quit.   This attitude can cause him trouble at work.
  4. Substance abuse problems. Most people with bipolar disorder resort to substance use to control their mood.
  5. Exaggerated self-esteem. This can result in impulsive spending and sometimes extramarital affairs, which will most probably never occur when he is in his normal state.

Bipolar Marriage Ending in Divorce

Sometimes, doing your best is not enough.   Marriage is a dance between two people.  Making the marriage work involves not only you but both of you.   He should also make an effort to improve his condition.  Do you think putting yourself at risk is worth it?  You should also protect yourself, especially from abuse.  It’s sad, but sometimes when your life is in danger, you must learn to say goodbye.

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Does Bipolar Marriage Have the Chance of Survival?

Of course.

Marital problems arise, whether you’re with someone with a bipolar illness or not.  It may be hard to deal with a partner suffering from bipolar disorder, but with patience, understanding, communication, and cooperation from your partner, you can both live with it.

There are some marital issues which can be the cause of stress and can worsen your spouse’s mood.  Be sensitive to things that can trigger his symptoms, and always be aware of what best approach to take when he has his mood shifts.


Be Challenged To See the Good Side

It is really a big challenge to be with someone with a bipolar illness.   It may be a roller coaster ride, turbulent and uncertain. The unpredictable mood, depression, manic episodes, irritability, poor decision making, and more will make you want to divorce him sometimes.   A bipolar person is not all negative.  He also has his fair share of good qualities.  He can be extra sweet and loving.  During the manic phase, he can be fun, talkative, engaging, upbeat, and full of energy, so when things are starting to get rough, focus on these things.

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Learning how to deal with your spouse’s every mood, understanding what triggers his depression and his irritability can help save the marriage.  Encourage him to have treatment.   Be his support.  Go to counseling and therapy together.  Marriage is a partnership which involves both of you to make it a happy and successful one.

Caring For A Partner With Multiple Personality Disorder – In Sickness And In Health

One of the hardest people to handle is someone with multiple personality disorder.    It will sometimes not allow you to go anywhere or do things together as a couple.  Learn how to manage the different persons in your partner, don’t let them have control over you and your partner.

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